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Many people argue that within the current global political, religious, and social climate, it’s hard to think of a more meaningless word than “change.” All around the world people are clamoring for change. People are demanding it and leaders are promising it. Change ImageWhat exactly is it, however, that people are demanding and that leaders are promising? What is it that we truly want? What is it that we are looking for? What does change really mean? What does it really look like? Who determines who it is that needs to change? Are most of us simply interested in demanding change or are we also interested in experiencing it? I have been grappling with these and other questions for quite some time now. I created this site in order to provide a space to think out loud about these questions. I’m glad you found the site, and I hope you will help me and all those who join us think about these questions.    See more

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2016 Republican Presidential Candidates and Racial Hatred

Image emphasizes the prominence of hate groups in America by showing Ku Klux Klan members standing in front of an American confederate flag

Racial Hatred in America

24/7 Wall St. published a special report on July 9, 2015, titled “10 States with the Most Hate Groups.” Using data from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the report asserts that there are 784 active hate groups nationwide. The report also asserts,

White nationalist or white supremacist groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, and neo-Confederates are by far the most common hate groups in the United States. And African Americans are by far the most victimized group of people by hate group activity and other, less extreme forms of discrimination.

The data reveals that black people as a group face more hatred than groups hated on the basis of sexual orientation or other racial and/or religious affiliation.

As I examined the list of ten states with the most hate groups, I noticed that three current and one former governor and two current senators from six of the ten states are declared or exploratory 2016 Republican Presidential candidates. The following represents the states, their ranking, and the 2016 Republican Presidential candidates:

  • (10) Louisiana: Bobby Jindal
  • (9)   Virgina: Jim Gilmore
  • (8)   Kentucky: Rand Paul
  • (6)   South Carolina: Lindsey Graham
  • (4)   New Jersey: Chris Christie
  • (2)   Arkansas: Mike Huckabee

In the aftermath of the killing of nine people during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina, the subsequent burning of at least 6 predominantly African American churches, the long history and legacy of violence against black people and black churches in America, and the recent debates regarding the role and place of confederate flags in American society, it seems somewhat obvious to me that we as a nation need to develop the courage, compassion and strength to name and to eradicate societal conditions that have fostered and promoted the terrorizing of black people (and black churches) in America for nearly four hundred years.

As we move toward the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, I cannot help but wonder why so many Republican Presidential candidates are current or former governors of states with the most hate groups in America. I also cannot help but wonder what the six Republican Presidential candidates from states with the most hate groups have done in their own states to confront and challenge active hatred/terrorism against black people and what can we expect them to do if elected President to help eradicate racism and move our nation beyond racial hatred, violence, and terrorism.

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